Who We Serve

The Shalom Center serves the low income population of Kenosha County. We serve persons who are homeless and impoverished due to loss of employment, health problems, mental illness and other causes. We also serve Kenosha County residents who are low income and experiencing hunger caused by a lack of sufficient income to buy needed food after paying rent and other living expenses. A lack of affordable housing in our community for low income wage earners is a common problem for most of the people we serve.

Statistics for services provided in 2018:


EFS Families Served
 —Adults 95
 —Children 158
INNS – Individuals Served 313
 —Veterans 77
 —Chronically Homeless 55
Shelter Nights Provided INNS – 11,030 EFS- 9,139

Supplemental Groceries

Data Soup Kitchen Food Pantry
Pounds of Food Distributed (2018) 1,474,523
Meals Served (2018) 72,138
Average Individuals Served 350 per night 1,000 per month