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The INNS Program (Interfaith Network Nightly Shelter) provides temporary emergency nightly shelter for homeless persons for up to 90 days. This program operates in rotating church sites throughout Kenosha 365 days per year with an average of about 20 guests each night. Guests receive a bed for the night plus an evening meal/snack, breakfast, a bagged lunch, and personal care items. Every few weeks, case managers engage with these guests to work on individual goals and action plans to find employment, to schedule clients for classes, housing and other supportive services to meet their needs. This program is staffed by a Shelter Manager, 1 full-time case manager and 5 part-time employees and many volunteers.


  • In 2014 the INNS program sheltered 443 households, consisting of 459 adults and 116 children (totaling 575 individuals) for a total of 7,822 shelter nights.
  • In 2015 the INNS program sheltered 436 households, consisting of 435 adults and 186 children (totaling 621 individuals) for a total of 7,339 shelter nights.

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