Shelters That Build Hope – Emergency Family Shelter

The Emergency Family Shelter provides residential shelter to families experiencing homelessness in Kenosha County for up to 90 days. It offers a safe, stable and supportive environment for families in crisis. We provide families with three meals a day, clothing, and transportation assistance. Families receive daily support and are required to attend meetings and classes that offer training in family dynamics, job searches, personal/family development, and financial stability. Families also receive individual case management to develop and implement a plan of action to move towards independence and self-sufficiency. We can accommodate 8 families and average 32 individuals (75% children) every day. Staffing is provided by a shelter manager, 1 full-time case manager, 5 part-time shelter supervisors and on occasion, college interns and fieldwork experience students.


  • In 2014 The Emergency Family Shelter provided for 45 Families consisting of 50 adults and 95 children (totaling 145 individuals) for a total of 9,147 shelter nights.
  • In 2015 The Emergency Family Shelter provided for 67 families consisting of 84 adults and 164 children (totaling 248 individuals) for a total of 9,291 shelter nights.

Success Story

Michelle is an 18 year old single mother of a four month old boy. Before coming to the Shalom Center, Michelle and her son were staying with her mother. Michelle’s mother had a history of homelessness and had even spent time in a shelter similar to Shalom’s when Michelle was 10. When her mother was evicted from her apartment Michelle had no other family support to which she could turn. She knew her immediate goal had to be finding safe shelter for her family. Michelle and her son spent 10 days in the Nightly Shelter Program before going into the Family Shelter. Once established in the Family Shelter, she began taking classes towards completing her GED. She also obtained employment and began parenting, household management and budgeting training to benefit herself and her son. The 24/7 care of the Emergency Family Shelter gave Michelle the stability and support she needed. Michelle is now working and completing her GED and hopes to attend college. After completing our program she was referred the Preventative Services Network and the Homeless Youth Program through KUSD.

Emergency Family Shelter

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