Emergency Family Shelter

The Emergency Family Shelter provides residential shelter to families experiencing homelessness in Kenosha County. It offers a safe, stable and supportive environment for families in crisis. We provide families with three meals a day, clothing, and transportation assistance. Families receive daily support  and case management and are encouraged to attend meetings and classes that offer training in family dynamics, job searches, personal/family development, and financial stability. Families also receive individual case management to develop and implement a plan of action to move towards independence and self-sufficiency. We can accommodate 9 families and average 32 individuals (75% children) every day. Our shelter programs are staffed by a Shelter Director, Shelter Manager, 3 full-time case managers, 18 part-time employees, many volunteers and on occasion, college interns and fieldwork experience students.

  • In 2014 The Emergency Family Shelter provided for 45 Families consisting of 50 adults and 95 children (totaling 145 individuals) for a total of 9,147 shelter nights.
  • In 2015 The Emergency Family Shelter provided for 67 families consisting of 84 adults and 164 children (totaling 248 individuals) for a total of 9,291 shelter nights.
  • In 2016 The Emergency Family Shelter provided for ## families consisting of 83 adults and 151 children (totaling 234 individuals) for a total of 8,228 shelter nights.